Thursday, August 12, 2010

Need water...please?

Nature has been at it again! I’ve been shown many perfect teachings before, but this week has been extremely special.

We’ve needed rain in my woods for the past few months. In fact, some of the trees are already dropping their foliage as a result. Everything has been dry and the animals are not receiving the amounts of hydration they need. When I walk out onto my deck or screened porch, deer scramble over to the water baths I’ve set out for them. They let me know if they’re out of water. Usually I’m on it, but they have been drinking more than usual.

When deer and other animals eat the leaves from bushes, and tender shoots from the ground, the moisture in that leaf or shoot gives them their proper nutrition. They know when the balance is off. And, they come and ask me to change it by giving them extra water. Some of the small streams have dried up, and as a result all of the animals have to walk a distance away to find other sources.

In this past week I’ve had deer, raccoon, rabbit, opossum, birds, wild turkey, chipmunks, a stray cat or two, and fox come to drink my water. They all know it is there. The deer pound on the ground while looking in my direction, the smaller animals knock the water baths around the forest floor. It is their signal for me to refill.

I’ve listened and answered their requests! Could it get any cuter??