Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Silence before dawn...

There is a silence just before dawn. It happens without our input, our knowledge, or our understanding. If you arrive at this place alone it fills your heart entirely. If you share its beauty with someone who cares you both will feel the hush of its strength.

Within this silence comes an honesty and clarity that we may never find again as the day moves forward. It's almost as if the world stops in its beauty, for just a moment. It is there for us to see and feel, make right again what we long to know. Or want to give. I must follow this moment and let it carry me away to that place in my heart where beauty, love, and peacefullness rests.

I hope you start your day with me in this very special way...just before dawn. It is a time to give thanks for each day's morning light, and for our strength and life. A small miracle every day.