Monday, December 2, 2013

What a gift...

I have been gifted in the last two months. It all started and ended with Maine. First was the planning, then the actual event, and finally the joy of coming home.

Cancer nagged at my body, and chemotherapy took its toll on my physical strength for the last two years. But in my mind and heart I never doubted God or the higher Path that had been set for me. I've come far in my healing, and setting aside time to continue this venture was hard work. But it all came together.

In Maine I meditated and hiked each and every day of the five week vacation/retreat. My body felt the difference. My heart filled with love given me by Nature in all of its elements. I am a New England woman, and in going back to my roots I learned once more who I am. The rocky rugged coast gave me strength to go forward. Hiking in the woods by the ocean helped me find simplicity, compassion, and patience. I needed to find my purpose again in order to heal, and I did.

Dawn brought sunrises that were vastly different each morning, and they helped me understand that we too are not the same each day. How boring! I learned to embrace my differences, and allow for new growth. Live life. I will now follow my heart with my words and actions, walking my talk with honesty and love. At least I will try.