Friday, February 22, 2013

The boys!

Many mornings I wake to this sight as I walk in my bathroom to get ready for the day. The "boys" make me laugh out loud with their pranks and fill my heart with love and energy as I head to my writer's cabin. A great way to start the day.

It has been a very long cold winter here in Pennsylvania and I'm ready for spring. But winter gives us time to do other things that hold passion for us. Grab hold of these and fulfill the promises made to yourself. Write. Travel. Spend time with those who are housebound or ill. Read. Whatever your choice, do it with all of your heart. It's worth the effort.

Choose to do what excites you and make it a priority. Spend time outside and take a walk in the woods, or on a path. If you can't walk take a drive to a lake and stare out at the lapping waves. Fill your lungs with fresh air and be grateful for this Mother Earth.

This is winter. A time of reflection. The trees are dormant and they, too, rest themselves. All things Nature are a priceless treasure. Let us enjoy what it has to give, and let us enjoy giving back.