Monday, November 5, 2012

A vacation to love...

A month in Maine! What's not to love...

The rocky coast with its gorgeous sunrises over the water, left me speechless. I woke each morning to them and each was different. Lobster boats left their wake as they motored by to inspect their traps, and I stood on my deck and watched. Books are written about this choice of work, it is not magical or mystical. It is hard physical work that lasts from before dawn to dusk. Many who do lobstering for a living have as many as nine hundred traps set out into the bay. They can haul about three hundred a day, thanks to the mechanics on the boats.

I spent the month doing many things, but most important was the work I did to regain my strength. I walked two miles a day and hiked at least another two. Recovering from cancer and chemotherapy is a very long road, but I'm on it! All the way.

Not one day went by that I didn't have a chance to meditate on all I've been given during my lifetime on this planet. Sitting, walking or hiking along the shore gave me strength for whatever is next for me. I will follow my path to its end, loving each and every moment.

Take a vacation from your normal life, it will give you new strength.