Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Often I've wondered how the trees, animals, and birds in my woods survive the harsh winters of Pennsylvania. My cabin gives me the best view to watch and learn. Life lessons can be understood, when we take the time to pay attention to them.

I slowed down my frantic behavior during the holiday season, and realized that my life became easier. I had a simple Christmas, and a simpler New Year's Eve. All by watchng the trees, along with the animal/bird habits on my acreage.

By carefully observing the trees I noticed how they pulled inward conserving their energy, by staying dormant. Or vice versa!

All are focusing their attention on only one thing. Survival.

Some birds eat the seed I put in my feeders, and peck at the tiny dirt from the shingles on my shed's roof. Other birds eat only insects and/or berries, and have their fill here. Barberry bush berries, and insects within my stacked winter's wood, give them the food they need.

My animals are content with the few remaining green shoots hiding under the fallen leaves, along with left over nutrients from brushwood, hemlock, and other green goodies. I also supplement their diets with cracked corn that I leave on my feeding stations each day.

My lesson? Quiet yourself. Slow down, observe nature, and learn. Animals, and birds stay out of the harshness of winter by finding warmth in areas where the wind does not hit them. They eat less because they are not nesting or giving birth. And lastly, they conserve energy for their survival.

We can do the very same thing by enjoying the quietude of this season. It is a time of healing, and starting over.
Happy New Year!