Friday, October 22, 2010


Sometimes we are given a gift, and are blessed beyond our knowing. I found that to be true as I walked to my writing cabin this early Friday morning. Dawdling along, with my laptop under one arm, I noticed a tiny heart-shaped leaf sitting on a flat stone alongside the path. It took my attention first because it was red. Then, as I stooped to pick it up, the leaf felt warm in my hand and I lifted to my cheek. No doubt the sun had shed its rays upon this treasure, so I carried it inside my cabin.

As it sits here beside me I realize that it is a gift from the nature that surrounds me. It's as if the trees, birds, and animals know that my heart is filled with love as I spend the last day of my week here in my hide-away.

Sunday I will travel to Long Island, to be with my oldest son's family. My granddaughter will be undergoing a kidney transplant on Monday, and we all feel blessed by the donor. A family friend turned out to be a perfect match, and is donating a part of himself to her, so she may live on in this world.

The love from all our hearts will live on forever within this treasure of a man. He is showing all of us, by his example, what it means to be giving.

Thank you for your gift of love.