Wednesday, June 8, 2011

White spots make me smile!

I'm in my cabin trying to pound out a short story for the Bethlehem Writer's Group anthology, coming in 2012. I keep hearing noises under my open windows but I've been attributing them to the rustling of dry leaves being pushed around by the gentle breezes of the morning.

But, now I hear a sneeze. Okay, that's not a trick of the wind! Standing slowly and quietly I move to my wall of windows and sneak a peak. Oh my, a fawn! On the ground and nestled in dappled sunlight, he looks up at me with sleep filled eyes. No fear yet, and it seems I present no imminent danger. Perfectly aligned spots cover his back, and are the color of snow.

I fade back and out of sight so he can rest again. And, so can I.