Friday, June 19, 2015

Cutest writing cabin....EVER!

As I sit inside the gentleness of my cabin I'm reminded that summer is just hours away. In the last days of spring, with all the newborns running and flying around, I have the chance to renew myself again.

Just as the fledglings topple from one tree branch to another trying to get their wings adjusted to flight, the fawns are hopping and jumping with glee. In this new environment they are happy yet mindful of what they are being taught.

I'm learning as well. Spring brings opportunity to start over, bringing the best I have forward to others as well as myself. The animals and birds show me innocence, it is how they are born. We as humans have the choice to decide which side of the divide we want to be on. The side of caring and sharing, or the side of a more ego-filled existence. I don't believe that any of us choose the latter necessarily, but we all slip back at times and forget to listen. Nature shows us the path to walk, it is up to us to move forward on it.

From my cabin I see nothing but nature. It can be harsh and cruel at times, but mostly it is spectacular. As I head into summer I'm lifted within myself to help the forgotten or the innocent. There are many who are brave, going forward in this world alone or with no one to help them at crucial times. Perhaps I might do a better job of being there for them. To listen and care more, while loving unconditionally.