Monday, January 5, 2015

Cold, Clear, and Clever...

 Cold, Clear, and Clever!

If we are mentally quick and alert, we will understand the meaning of winter. It is right here in front of us showing off its keen and sharp-witted comparisons to all the other seasons.

I laugh as we all struggle with winter and its use for us personally. I am empowered by the strength of Nature's use of symbolism as it manifests or makes apparent all of the needs I have. The need to be warm, to be healthy, to be safe, and to eat the food given us by our summer gardens. Amazingly this time inside our homes, and hearts, helps make visible, or bring into view, our need to contemplate on what comes next for us. What are we seeking during these three months of winter, and what do we want to follow?

For me it is a time of returning to my inner self to search and rescue what I may have forgotten. Inwardly my spiritual self longs for this long span of time to seek. And outwardly, I long to go back to Maine and feed all of the sea birds I left behind during the fall.

There is much darkness with these shorter days and that is extra time to meditate, do yoga, and go within. I think about what I want to accomplish in this new year and now is the time to begin. To identify and then reveal after I've made my decisions.

The moment is now for this introspection. I must stay right the moment...and rescue what I've let go for too many months. Begin again, if need be. Elevate. Love and love more deeply, allowing ourselves to become whatever it is we choose.

Seek. Contemplate. Find.
The time is now.....