Thursday, October 10, 2013

Our gifts...

My family just gave me a Celebration of Life party/picnic. It was an outside venue, with beautifully decorated picnic tables under a pavilion. Music provided by my son's corporate band, food ordered and provided by my local favorite Italian restaurant, and friends sitting everywhere. A perfect day!

What I discovered at the party was we all have a gift to share. Like finding a white feather sitting atop the kelp, we will discover in us a worthy gift to bless the lives of others. A friend of mine sang her heart out while playing her guitar, as did my oldest son. My sister and husband worked hard to set up a comfortable place for us all, and then went on to welcome my friends and family as they arrived. My youngest son gave his caring self to all, helping everyone to feel loved as is his normal practice.

The lesson here for me was "the gift". We each must discover what our gift is, nurture it with passion, and then share. If we care about family and friends, or how our lives move forward with purpose, it is up to us to realize our own self worth while we work towards undoing the knot of our minds.

I believe we will find our gifts, share them with others, and go forward in love. What could be more important?