Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fawns, turkey babies, and bucks, oh my!

I have three families of turkeys walking by my cabin these days. One mommy has eight babies, another has ten, and the last has eleven. They all hang out together and it is very cute to watch them interact. They are instinctive when it comes to scratching and pecking, but they run and chase each other until they are exhausted and the mommies have to separate them. Cuteness!

Twin fawns scamp around my cabin looking as if they're running laps! Their spots are fading and in another month will be gone. One is more aggressive than the other, but both are showing their independence. They love the cracked corn I feed them and after their snack they bed down in the dappled sunlight of the woods. I watch them as they snooze.

Bucks are coming to feed as well. I have one six pointer and one eight point. Handsome boys! Their antlers are still somewhat fuzzy and they are not afraid of me. They come by at least three times a day and I'd go broke if I fed them each time. However, with fall on its way I hope they know my land is a safe place for them.

My prayer for all these animals is safety. They give me joy at a time when it is needed, and they seem to know that my cabin and the surrounding woods is a gentle place. A kind place. And they are right.