Friday, March 13, 2015

Awakening from Inside...

 As I sit in my writing cabin this morning I realize that it has been a long winter for all of us. Especially the outside animals and birds, as well as for my two boys. I'm sure they are longing for me to open the screened porch so they can watch and listen to the birds, and sit on the large porch window ledges I made especially for them.

Like these animals, I, too, have been hibernating a bit myself. Actually, it feels good to ready oneself for the awakening of the new season to come. Spring. It's almost here, I can smell it and hear it in the mornings while the woodpeckers drum on the trees...back and forth through the woods...looking for a mate. The mommy doe's are pregnant and need the food.

I feed the deer, turkey, fox, raccoon, birds, and other animals that stroll through my woods making sure they have something in their bellies before bedding down at night. It was the promise I made them when I first came to purchase these three acres. I am honored to be a part of the circle of life here.

Although the animals and birds I've listed do not hibernate, they do slow down. So does their heart rate. They do not need as much to eat, unlike me who loves to make comfort during the cold season! But most of us survive, even through the tough challenges that are handed to each of us. Like cancer, for instance, for me. It is what makes us stronger. It is what makes us trust.

Trust is huge, but if you can learn this very important lesson it will help with each and every emotion we feel. It doesn't matter which faith or path you follow, take time to meditate and listen to your self. Honor that within your heart and go forward in trust. It is there, but we must find it. And all shall be well. In all manner of things, all shall be well.