Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finding peace..

It is mid-December and folks are dashing about to find the perfect gift, the perfect decorations for their home, or the perfect gift for the ones they love. It is hard to find the peace of Christmas in all the rush. I, too, scurry here and there with my important errands. And then there's the baking!

Tonight, after resting in my chair from the day's work, I put down my book and turn toward the tree. The top half holds meaningful ornaments and lights, but the bottom half is mostly bare. The reason? I have a Maine Coon kitten in the house. He's almost nine-months old now, but still a little stinker who stands on his hind legs and removes the ornaments from the tree. Then he bats them around the hardwood floor until he tires and returns to the scene of the crime.

This is peace for me as I look on in wonder at the soft furry soul.

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