Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring Green...

It is time to lift the boats from their resting place and drop them gently back into their slips. Spring is here in full force, and there are many who anxiously await to climb back into their boats and sail away. Most usually there are winds that come in the spring to fill the sails as many make there way out to the open sea. What joy!

I do not have a boat any longer, but there is nothing like stepping into that Boston Whaler in the middle of spring. Chugging out through the bay and into open water made for a delicious plate of experiences. Now I envision them from memory as I sit in my cabin waiting for my cancer cells to die off, so that I may experience the fun once more. It will happen, I'm sure of that. I wonder what the larger picture is for me as I sit here awaiting the discovery of it.

There will always be a journey in our lives that we do not expect. I know there is something inside this detour that will reveal itself soon and I am ready for it. Finding the joy within will be my most perfect moment, and I can hardly wait!

Enjoy the spring everyone, it is here dressed in green and full of life.

1 comment:

  1. I'm sure those cancer cells are dying in droves as we speak! Wishing you good health for many springs to come.