Friday, September 21, 2012

Coming fall.....

Fall is on its way, there is no doubt. My favorite pregnant doe from spring has had her fawn. Mommy eats from my feeding stations, while her fawn wanders by my cabin windows in search of new treasures. She is losing her spots now as we move toward autumn, and soon she will blend more with the foliage as it turns a rusty brown.

Each year at this time I yearn to leave on a vacation that will bring a different beauty than the one I view each day. One of majestic mountain ranges, ocean vistas, or slot canyons of the Southwest. Which one will I choose?

It will be Maine. Cadillac mountain, hiking, biking, sea glass hunting, or watching the boats come and go each day. I can hardly wait. Vacation is a little more important to me this time. I've battled my health issues and have worked hard doing it.  Now it is time to see if I can whip this tired body back into the strong active one that helped me win these challenges. I am alive. I have survived. And I will thrive with God's love for me.

If you listen carefully, you may hear me laugh and giggle in my joy from the East Coast of Maine. Feels like coming home each time I cross the border. Here I come, are you ready for me?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


The workspace in my cabin was not exactly what I needed, so it was time for change. I came up with some ideas, and put them to use.

While I did that I realized the worth of making changes in our life. It is a good thing. Many of us complain too often that we need things to be different, and then we contuinue on doing nothing to make that happen. I think of Einstein's quote; insanity; doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. It makes me laugh each time I remember it. I know I'm guilty.

So, now I have a new desk arrangement. It looks out the back wall of windows. Fawns walk by daily, and birds feed from the feeder that's been here since I built the cabin. It has given me a new perspective as I do another rewrite on my upcoming book, From Scratch.

Think of something you need to change to make things better for you. And do it!