Wednesday, September 5, 2012


The workspace in my cabin was not exactly what I needed, so it was time for change. I came up with some ideas, and put them to use.

While I did that I realized the worth of making changes in our life. It is a good thing. Many of us complain too often that we need things to be different, and then we contuinue on doing nothing to make that happen. I think of Einstein's quote; insanity; doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. It makes me laugh each time I remember it. I know I'm guilty.

So, now I have a new desk arrangement. It looks out the back wall of windows. Fawns walk by daily, and birds feed from the feeder that's been here since I built the cabin. It has given me a new perspective as I do another rewrite on my upcoming book, From Scratch.

Think of something you need to change to make things better for you. And do it!

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