Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My shade garden...

It is Spring!

So fresh and green is this new season that I must be careful or it will take my breath away. When I gaze at the leaves that are unfurling, I know there is no color name for them. We all say green, but it goes beyond that. They are fresh and new and as the seasons pass these same leaves change color. They become dusty and even with spring rains and summer storms, the leaves cannot be cleansed well enough to bring back that first hue.

I have a shade garden in the back of my home. It sits between my screened-in porch and the path leading out to the field and beyond. Out there are raspberry bushes, blueberry bushes, apple trees and the 'soon-to -be' veggie garden. But here, in the shade, I am quiet. Peaceful in my daily meditations. Ferns and moss are soft to the touch and add color to the stones close by.

We are given these precious gifts every day. They bring me back to the center of myself and allow my thinking to clear itself of judgment or whatever else may cloud my vision. This small garden gives me strength in its beauty to view what is really important. What really matters....

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