Monday, June 7, 2010

Unexpected serenity

I found inspiration yesterday in an unexpected place. Within a massive-sized hospital on Long Island, New York, a young girl showed me serenity. She was candid, and totally within the moment as she spoke.

Her illness presents hardships I can’t imagine, but her enthusiasm for life continues. She spoke of a love for horses, and how she will compete again by the beginning of the next year. Having no preconceptions about her Lupus disease or finding a kidney donor, she was elegant in revealing her passion for a full recovery.

Her face was pale, yet serene. Her eyes gave way to discomfort, but she remained concerned that I had a comfortable place to sit. Her arm, swollen and painful from recent skin graft surgery, rested quietly by her side as we spoke of our love for all animals.

Alex's honesty lights my fire, and brings hope to my choice of finding a way to raise awareness for this disease.

In the midst of a hospital’s chaos I felt my granddaughter’s quietude, and found she has a profound capacity for love, insight, and healing.

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