Thursday, November 3, 2011

Unexpected storms!

It was almost the end of October and I sat in my cabin looking out at my trees bending in the wind. A normal sight, I thought, but then it started to snow. And snow! Wet, sticky and furious, it snowed all night and the trees suffered greatly. With the leaves still on most of the branches, the weight of the snow snapped off the tops of many. Limbs broke and fell to the ground while other smaller trees just gave up the fight and uprooted themselves.

We ended the following day with ten inches of wet heavy snow, and three acres of debris. With chainsaw in hand, I'll work hard on the cleanup.

As always, there are gifts from every disaster. One of the many will be the HUGE brush piles for the animals and birds to hide under this coming winter. With every snow or ice storm, animals look to find shelter in my woods. These large piles are perfect places to rest, getting out of the harsh winds and lashing snow. They may be made by my hands, but the animals don't care. It is cover and they'll hide within and out of the reach of Mother Nature's fury.

Animals and birds bring a special energy to my land, and all of them share a part in my story. They are the purist light of themselves at all times. There is a lesson in that for me!


  1. So glad the only damage from the storm was to the trees!

  2. I wonder if this early snowstorm, and the resultant plenitude of brush, is Mother Nature's way of preparing us all for a harsh winter. We found a woolly bear caterpillar that was all black. That's not a good sign--if you read such signs.

  3. I'm thinking we all need to purchase a generator, wood stove, gas range, and longjohns!