Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Feeling vulnerable...

If you live in the woods you are used to feeling more vulnerable during the autumn months. The leaves begin to drop, and the underbrush thins. Even my cabin sits there on its stone foundation, becoming more exposed with each falling leaf.

As I sit inside and look out the wall of windows on the back wall, I can see deeper into the woods than I can in full summer. Neither one season nor the other is better, just different. But, I've found that with each one my mood changes.

My cabin has a propane stove to keep me warm at this time of year. So far I haven't lit the pilot light, but soon I'll be turning it on. I hate to depend on propane for comfort! The cost has gone through the roof and I'd rather use wood, but for this one out-building it makes sense. And is it ever cozy!

So, feeling vulnerable as fall arrives is part of the price of living in the woods. Unless, of course, you have a lot of acres. I have only three, but I feel blessed with each one. Only those who walk my property can see me in my cabin, and I have shades to pull if I'd prefer. But the windows on the back wall give me a view that I'd never give up. After all, I'm sure the animals on my land feel more exposed as well, and that's why their fur changes color with the seasons.

How perfect is that?

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