Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Reaching for the calmest part of myself...

Making my way home from the Princeton Jumping Horse Show in New Jersey this past weekend, I realize how simple my life has become. Driving on Peppermint Road, which is close to my home, I look at the serene field on my left and feel calm and cradled in such a setting. It gives me what I need each day to heal from the strains of life.

I try to live from the heart of my soul. My spirituality has always been at the center of who I am. On my three acres I can be still and uncomplicated, enabling me to live in clarity and conscious choice.

God's finest whispers fill every bird song I hear and I am thankful for each day. I experience euphoria by living without being limited by the judgment of others. We all have a finite time on this earth, and it is important that I learn to balance the gifts I've been given, and to take responsibility for the space I hold here.

I must challenge myself to do better in each moment, because I have the opportunity each morning to start again. To give of myself in a way that enhances rather than diminishes. What is genuine and what is lasting is who we are. 

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