Monday, August 20, 2012


Walking to my cabin this morning I heard the Pileated Woodpecker singing his song and it reminded me of one thing. Paying attention to each moment. Birds and wildlife do only what they know each day. All of their effort is put forward on the task at hand. Eating, singing, mating, flying or whatever. The lesson for me is to keep going forward. Effort. It's all about the effort I'm willing to give.

I've said this so many times to myself. Use continuous exertion in each task at hand, or I'll  fail at what I'm trying to accomplish. For instance; my health, writing, daily meditations and service to others all need constant effort.

One lesson for me has been to use this action in a calm way. Tranquility, like Cooper Lake just outside of Woodstock, NY. When I sit at its shore and look out over the water it steadies me, allowing my body to relax into the strength I own.

Yes, tranquility. Use it along with effort and it will make all the difference.

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