Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas is history and my kitties are missing their favorite hideaway. We have all welcomed in 2014 and are now deciding what we'd like to accomplish in these next twelve months.

My first intention was to get back into my writing cabin. I'm in it now and it feels exciting to scratch one thing off my list. So on to the next.....

I have a writing goal of completing another edit of my memoir, From Scratch. In my cabin I have all I need to make this happen. In my heart I want to accomplish what will give me worth as a writer, and working on this edit is important in order to make that happen. A dear friend who has published many books advised me to go forward with commitment, and not be tossed away. And so I will.

Go forward, or go forward with commitment. Quite a difference isn't there? I'm choosing the latter!

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