Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Someone asked me the other day if it matters whether or not I feed the deer, birds, fox, raccoon, and turkey that wander throughout my woods. I've been thinking about that question. Who does it matter to? The animals and birds, or to me?

Simply, the answer is both. It matters to the birds, turkey, deer, and other animals especially at this time of year. The ground is covered with snow and now a layer of ice on top of that. More snow is to come in this winter and what are these gorgeous souls going to eat? Yes, they do nurture themselves in many ways, but does it hurt to supplement their diet with corn, bird seed, and suet made by me? Many opinions, both for and against, have been shared about feeding wild animals. My feeling is why not! If we can help sustain them by adding a little supplement each day, I am honored to do so.

And does it matter to me? Yes! Nature and all souls are so giving in every way. Seeing their beauty inspires me, teaches me, and helps me to understand how we are all One. We need each other to survive this life. Trees give us shade, winter's dead-fall wood and therefore warmth as we burn, beauty in their leaves both in summer and in fall, and strength as we watch them stand tall under the harshest conditions. And birds, deer, turkey, fox, and other animals that share their woods with me? I view them as I would my friends. Loving, caring, and asking for help on occasion.

Yes it matters that we pay attention to the lessons of Nature. And yes, it matters to me as I watch them run with joy to my feeding stations on my property. They know me and I know them. They do not fear me. Nor I them. They wait with patience as I walk toward them with my feeding bucket every evening at dusk.
My whistle lets them know they are safe with me. The same whistle each time I feed, the one that they know so well.

What an honor to be a part of this exceptional beauty.

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