Friday, May 9, 2014

Remembering and Growing

In July, 2012, I took a writing workshop in upstate New York. It was facilitated by noted author, Susan Richards. I was scared, but determined to grow as a writer, so I made the effort.

Now, almost two years later, I am still using the skills I learned at that workshop. But most important was my dedication. During that week I bought a bracelet. (It's important to know that I hardly ever wear jewelry.) With that purchase I promised myself to always remember what I learned, and to grow from it.

I am now zeroing in on the completion of a manuscript. Yes, it's the same one I worked on at the workshop. A year ago I sent it to an editor who read it, edited it, and sent it back with a memo full of vivid ideas on how to make it better. I reread the memo thirty-six times! Worked all late fall and winter on making the changes necessary to help the book tell its story. Now I'm going to send it back for another edit. I haven't given up.

My suggestion for wanting to feel a sense of growing and completion in our lives is to work longer than you ever thought necessary. If what you're doing feels important, go forward with commitment. Don't be tossed away. Never doubt yourself. These words of encouragement were given to me and now I'm giving them to you.

I use my bracelet as a reminder, and looking at it gives me a strength. I may not ever be the best writer, and I may not ever be a published author, but I will always remember to grow in whatever I choose to do in my life.

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