Thursday, September 29, 2011

The day after...

For two days I drove through early morning mist to attend a horse clinic in New Jersey, given by Buck Brannaman. The drive to the barn was spectacular and worth the early morning wake-ups. Fields glistened with dew, and streams ran strong from recent rain as I wound around the back-country roads.

For those who are not familiar with Buck, he is the original Horse Whisperer. If you get a chance, see the documentary/film, Buck. I've seen it twice and strongly recommend it. You don't have to own a horse, or even be associated with one to appreciate the film. Buck's words go beyond the lessons of horses, and straight to the heart of life.

From my cabin window I look out at the animals in my woods, and realize how much I am committed to their well-being. There are days when I go from euphoria to despair, especially during hunting season. I do what I can to give these souls a place of safety. Buck does this same thing in the clinics. His horses are gentle and quiet, asking nothing in return but respect and he gives it to them. He teaches riders to prepare for the unthinkable, and I believe we can follow that same rule in our own lives.

Be gentle, but firm. Accept nothing less from animals than what you would expect for yourself. I loved the clinic and learned much more than how to handle a horse.

Safety and shelter are different sides of the same coin. In our hearts we all ask for this. Next time you see a Buck Brannaman clinic in your area, give it a go!

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