Friday, October 7, 2011

It's almost time.....

Now that autumn has arrived, it's almost time to begin the supplement feeding of corn to my deer. I say 'my' deer because that's the way I feel about them. In spring, fawns were born and their moms left them to sleep in the dappled sunlight of my woods. During the summer they frolicked between my rows of stacked winter wood, and around my writing cabin windows. As late summer turned to fall, these same deer lost the velvet on their antlers. Now, they are nibbling all the green they can find on the surrounding undergrowth. My field nearby has been rained on during the entire month of September, so the grass there is still rich with nutrients.

Every year at this time my deer walk to the flat stones perched on the small foundations I've made, and look toward my home or cabin. They know that soon, corn will arrive. It always makes me laugh when this one buck stares at me through the windows, and throws glances my way as he puts his nose to my bird feeder. Does he have a sense of humor? I think he does!

One of my favorite places to go is my local feed store. I buy corn there in fifty pound bags and bring it home to fill the containers in my small barn. From there I dole it out according to the need. I love that they know the drill!

It is not yet time. But soon......

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