Thursday, January 26, 2012

Beauty and Silence...

Two years ago I visited the southwest and had the honor of walking through slot canyons and Native American cliff dwellings. I feel grateful to have the memories of that trip tucked away in my heart.

I remember feeling quieted by the beauty of the slot canyons. The hushed silence as you walked through, arms outstretched to touch both walls at the same time.

The cliff dwellings gave me the same quieted sense. Complex in their structure, but simple in the lifestyle of those who inhabited them.

For me, winter brings that same feeling. A time of contemplation and hushed beauty. I work, write, and go through my days feeling quieted. Soon, spring will come and I'll be busy in a different way, but for now I'm content to be tucked in. It is okay to slow down and allow myself the pleasure of a quieter time, where beauty and silence are one.

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